Pleasure and passion

Do you work so much that you forget for relaxation? Do you need very nice and quality service and then you can be in shape? There is erotic massage praha that can offers you perfect experience and time for relaxation. Our salon is not like the other, because we can offer you also place in Finish sauna or you can avail whirlpool for your needs. We have very nice and modern rooms, where you will have absolutely intimacy. We are 100% discrete, so don´t be afraid that you will be exposed. We offer only relaxation procedures, so there is any sexual service, but we comprehend that if you have wife or children, you want be in occultness.

Your body and mind will be cleaned

If you will come first time into our salon, you can try for example classic procedure that offers your very nice touches on whole your body, but then you will pass touches in your intimate zones and erotogenic places. It will remove your stress from body, we are absolutely sure. And then, if you´ll want try something new, you can try for example nuru or tantra procedure. Then there are also penis procedures or lap dance and other accessories.